Last Bed Standing – Bedwars in SA-MP!


## [0.1b] - 2017-03-21
### Added
- Added weather system for random weather.
- Weather can be set by admins, using /weather ID
- /dropmoney uses GenerateRandomPickup function now, to create money pickups.
- system to check if a team has won the game. (if other teams are empty)
- Improved several minor bugs.
- Major changes in score system.
- The winner of the team will now be determined if there is no player left in other teams
- Recursive function will be called in OnPlayerDeath instead of OnPlayerSpawn now.
- Dead player will be thrown into TEAM_SPECTATOR after death now if the bed is missing.
- GetPlayerCount() function added to count amount of players for use in TeamsAlive(bool:value) function.
- Recursive function TeamsAlive(bool:value) function (false/true) to count teams alive or check if there is only one team left.
- Fighting Style menu to purchase different fightstyles.

### Fix
- Increased weapon prices due to balancing reasons.
- Changed bomb activation radius to 150m instead of 100m.

## [0.1b] - 2017-03-28
### Added
- Function GivePlayerMoneyText to give or remove money from a player and display gametext.
- #define to change the value of Money Pickups.

## [0.1b] - 2017-03-28
### Added
- Function GivePlayerMoneyText to give or remove money from a player and display gametext.
- #define to change the value of Money Pickups.

## [0.1.3a] - 2018-03-02
### Fix
- Fixed major bugs.
- Fixed y_ini problems.
- Fixed a huge amount of bugs.
- Code optimization

##[1.0.0] - 2018-03-02
### Added
- Fixed major bugs.
- Removed y_ini
- Fixed a huge amount of bugs.
- Code optimization
- Added Login/Register system using MySQL
- Added Salt + AES-256 support for security matters
- MySQL table will be altered if rows do not exist
- Added round system, deathmatch like to get a real game running
- Added MySQL support using the newest plugin and include
- Added a scoreboard shown at the end of a game
- Gamemode will now restart automatically to change a map after a team has won
- First stable gamemode, has been tested for a while right now. Please report any bugs
- Added 60 seconds countdown when there is a sufficient amount of players.
- Players are invincible during the countdown phase.
- Started the use of arrays to declare various team states.



Hereby i want to publish my latest work and project Last Bed Standing – Bedwars, based on SA-MP’s Grand Larceny

Reasons why..

Goal of this project is to

port Minecraft’s famous Bedwars gamemode into SA-MP. SA-MP is awesome, isnt it? So why not keeping it
Unfortunately the most SA-MP projects in progress, are roleplay or reallife servers so nothing special. So one of the reasons for the creation of this mode is to recreate Bedwars in SA-MP set in the GTA world, with money instead of bronze, explosions instead of break blocks in Minecraft.
Due to my university study i have to program a lot of stuff in C language, so why not practice a bit by using a C-Like language like PAWN? The result of alle these reasons is this project.. the time to creation of this mode took 2 weeks, so whats better than a selfmade mode instead of Godfather?
So why do you publish this work Knogle? Heh im addicted to free and open source software so i put this creation under GNU GPL Public License so anyone can redistribute, modify or improve it.
SA-MP is free, right? So this should be free as well, heh!

Finally this project has been created just for some fun and practice of my C skills for my uni course, but i

will keep updating this gamemode in future!

Currently this Gamemode Last Bed Standing is in alpha state currently but will be updated frequently every week if possible.

The only left piece of Grand Larceny is the city, or in this case the team selection.
In my opinion its multiple

times better than the simple skin selection, realised with menus on most servers, not this default crap.

Currently there are 3 Teams available, similar to real Bedwars.
Team RED is located inside of the Sherman Damn, so you have to travel westbound of El Castillo Del Diablo to get there. Team GREYs spot is Area 51 and Team BLUEs shed is Torenos Airport located in Ver

dant Meadows!

All the teams have got a shop inside the base, close to the spawn to purchase weapons, armour, skills or a bomb which is needed to destroy an enemies bed.
The teams also have vehicles available scattered around in area of their bases, like tanks or seasparrows to improve their defence against invadors.

The 3 teams are in posession of a “bronze” spawnpoint. But the way its made is GTA style so instead of “bronze” spawnpoints we have random money pickups scattered inside of a small 2D zone inside of any base.
You have to use the money to purchase weapons and miscellaneous stuff.

Goal of the game is to destroy the enemies bed, and wipe out all the other players ( except your own team obviously), like bedwars..


You can only respawn after death if your bed is still not broken, otherwise you are so dead bro.
This mode actually contains 2400 lines of code, its obviously a lot more than Grand Larceny has, with 500 lines only!

I tried this with 4 players only, and usually a game takes 10 up to 15 minutes.
Its simple

but we had a lot of fun by playing this! Maybe just try it out..

The gamemode is written in ENGLISH completely, forgive me if there are any German or Portuguese comments left. (Im German and also Brazilian..)

This project is running currently with 32 Slots and will keep running, so please keep developing and redistributing this mode and create some forks! Why not?

If you want to test this mode get some mates together and send me a pm.

I wont add a huge amount of features, it should be simple like the genuine Bedwars!

The source, check it out!

To the script itself..

You need sscanf2 Include and Plugin to run it.
You have to crea

te 2 files:


t in /pawno/includes
customvehicles.txt in scriptfiles folder.

Commands available:

/dropmoney (To drop a specific amount of money close to the player)
/spec ID (you can spectate a player if your team has been wiped out)
/blowup (Type this if you are close to an enemies bed to blow it up!)
/pm (simple..)
/r (team radio)
/report (to report players and ask questions)
/kill (when the game didnt start)
/help (to know how the game works)
/dropmoney (to dropmoney for other players)
since 1.0.0
... and more


Easy to handle modular map system.

//Color tags for textdraw use




// Team colors
#define COLOR_TEAM_ONE 0xAFAFAF55 //Grey
#define COLOR_TEAM_TWO 0xAA333355 //Red
#define COLOR_TEAM_THREE 0x0000BB55 //Blue

// TD Colors
#define COLOR_TEAM_TWO_TD 0xAA3333FF //Red
#define COLOR_TEAM_THREE_TD 0x0000BBFF //Blue

//Where the teams are located..
#define FIRST_TEAM_LOCATION "Area 51"
#define SECOND_TEAM_LOCATION "The Sherman Damn"
#define THIRD_TEAM_LOCATION "Verdant Meadows"

#define TEAMSIZE 3

stock const Float:Center[][]={

stock const Float:GlobalActors[][]={
	{275.1789,1857.4131,8.7578, 357.9678},//Grey

stock const Float:GlobalZones[][]={
	{-70.06725, 1658.258, 385.3699, 2125.373},//Grey
	{-934.23, 1868.46, -478.7929, 2148.729},//Red
	{-58.38938, 2370.609, 455.4371, 2674.233}//Blue

stock const Float:PlayerInfoPickups[][]={


stock const Float:MoneySpawns[][]={	

stock const Float:MAP_WORLDBOUNDS[][]={
	{ 700.6725, -875.8406, 2849.402, 1284.566}

stock const Float:ClassSel_SetupTeamTEAM_POS[][]={

stock const Float:ClassSel_SetupTeamTEAM_LOOK_AT[][]={

stock const Float:beds[][] = {

stock const Float:gSpawnsTeam_TEAM_ONE[][] = {//Grey

stock const Float:gSpawnsTeam_TEAM_TWO[][] = {//Red

stock const Float:gSpawnsTeam_TEAM_THREE[][] = {//Blue


A little overview of the teams and their spots:




Latest stable version 1.0.0


Don’t forget to check out our server running this mode down here.

By Knogle

Convinced user of Linux operating systems since 2014. Started with FreeBSD and moved to Debian. Performed a preparatory course for Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certificate. Founder of Unix-Supremacy, formerly known as OpenKnogle Solutions, or Knogle Industries.
C and PAWN programmer, and experienced system and network administrator for complex enviroments.
Studying at RWTH Aachen University, majoring Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.
Loves to try out a lot of fancy stuff, and loves to give a little contribution to the Software Freedom Conservancy, the right to repair, and Open-Source software at all.

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