OpenWRT on Banana Pi R1 Router? This Powerhouse respects your Freedom!

During the last months, i was searching for an alternative, to all the different routers, and their closed-source firmwares.

You can’t know, if there is someone sniffing your traffic, passing through your router.

I want to to know where my data is being processed, and i don’t want any internet providers to capture, sniff or analyze any data, at least where i can prevent them of doing so.

Don’t mention all the locked options, like port forwarding.

We have to talk.


Providing pre-built Virtual Machines using virt-builder

This post is already part of the libvirt tutorial, but to keep things more simple, i’ll create a seperate article for it.

Before reading this, you should know how KVM and libvirt works, as well as the basics in virtualization.


Enhance System Security, using Red Hat’s libvirtd / KVM Virtualization

There are many reasons why you should consider to use virtualization in your environment. This tutorial will show you how to easily deploy virtual machines for different services on your machine.

Note: This guide requires advanced linux knowledge and is not meant for beginners.

Here are some of them:

  • server consolidation – virtualization can help you conserve physical space. In traditional data center environments it is common to dedicate each server to a single application. This leaves most computers vastly underused. Virtualization enables you to run more workloads on a single server, which reduces the number of physical machines in your environment.
  • reduced cost – hardware is most often the highest cost in a data center. Because virtualization reduces the need for physical machines, the cost also goes down. But the cost goes well beyond that of hardware – software licensing savings, power and cooling cost reduction, improved user accessibility and performance are also some of the ways to reduce your cost.
  • increased uptime – VMware offers a number of advanced features that are not available on physical servers, which helps with business continuity and increased uptime. Such capabilities are live migration, storage migration, fault tolerance, high availability, etc. These technologies keep virtual machines running or give them the ability to quickly recover from unplanned outages. The ability to quickly and easily move a virtual machine from one server to another is perhaps one of the greatest single benefits of virtualization with far-reaching uses.
  • faster server provisioning – with Vmware, you can quickly clone an image, master template, or existing virtual machine to get a server up and running within minutes. This is in contrast to physical servers, which usually require hours for installation.
  • easier backups – with virtualization, you can create full backups of your virtual machines within minutes. These backups can be moved from one server to another and redeployed easier and faster. You can also take a snapshot of a virtual machine, which is a state of a virtual machine at a specific point in time.

Today we’ll talk about this topic by using libvirtd / KVM on Linux, an easy introduction how to get rid of risky service management on a RHEL based single machine.


So what’s libvirtd?


How to boot Parted Magic 2018 using PXE and NFS support!

Ahoy friends.

I’m a convinced user of Parted Magic, but now i wanted to use it on my GRUB PXE server.


Using the ternary operator in PAWN/C

Ternary Operator


Ahoy everyone.
This time i’ll show you guys how to use the ternay operator given by many languages like C or PAWN.
This time we will only talk about the condititonal operator to replace if-statements. There are also ways to perform other actions using nested ternary operator statements.


Übertakten mit RW-Everything auf Non-OC Boards (Alternative zu SetFSB)

[How-To] Uebertakten mit RW-Everything auf Non-OC Boards (Alternative zu SetFSB)

Viele Leute haben mich gebeten ein Tutorial zu schreiben , wie man doch mit RW-Everything auf Non-OC Boards übertakten könnte.

Bisher habe ich das nur für Systeme mit X58 und 5500 und 5520 Chipsatz getestet , deshalb ist momentan nicht garantiert das es auch auf anderen Systemen läuft


Convert huge amount of MTA/SA-MP objects into another type

Right now i finished the first version of my small and tiny offline object converter for SA:MP/MTA:SA, because our favourite map converter is dead.


Last Bed Standing – Bedwars in SA-MP!


[pastacode lang=”markdown” manual=”%23%23%20%5B0.1b%5D%20-%202017-03-21%0A%23%23%23%20Added%0A-%20Added%20weather%20system%20for%20random%20weather.%0A-%20Weather%20can%20be%20set%20by%20admins%2C%20using%20%2Fweather%20ID%0A-%20%2Fdropmoney%20uses%20GenerateRandomPickup%20function%20now%2C%20to%20create%20money%20pickups.%0A-%20system%20to%20check%20if%20a%20team%20has%20won%20the%20game.%20(if%20other%20teams%20are%20empty)%0A-%20Improved%20several%20minor%20bugs.%0A-%20Major%20changes%20in%20score%20system.%0A-%20The%20winner%20of%20the%20team%20will%20now%20be%20determined%20if%20there%20is%20no%20player%20left%20in%20other%20teams%0A-%20Recursive%20function%20will%20be%20called%20in%20OnPlayerDeath%20instead%20of%20OnPlayerSpawn%20now.%0A-%20Dead%20player%20will%20be%20thrown%20into%20TEAM_SPECTATOR%20after%20death%20now%20if%20the%20bed%20is%20missing.%0A-%20GetPlayerCount()%20function%20added%20to%20count%20amount%20of%20players%20for%20use%20in%20TeamsAlive(bool%3Avalue)%20function.%0A-%20Recursive%20function%20TeamsAlive(bool%3Avalue)%20function%20(false%2Ftrue)%20to%20count%20teams%20alive%20or%20check%20if%20there%20is%20only%20one%20team%20left.%0A-%20Fighting%20Style%20menu%20to%20purchase%20different%20fightstyles.%0A%0A%23%23%23%20Fix%0A-%20Increased%20weapon%20prices%20due%20to%20balancing%20reasons.%0A-%20Changed%20bomb%20activation%20radius%20to%20150m%20instead%20of%20100m.%0A%0A%23%23%20%5B0.1b%5D%20-%202017-03-28%0A%23%23%23%20Added%0A-%20Function%20GivePlayerMoneyText%20to%20give%20or%20remove%20money%20from%20a%20player%20and%20display%20gametext.%0A-%20%23define%20to%20change%20the%20value%20of%20Money%20Pickups.%0A%0A%23%23%20%5B0.1b%5D%20-%202017-03-28%0A%23%23%23%20Added%0A-%20Function%20GivePlayerMoneyText%20to%20give%20or%20remove%20money%20from%20a%20player%20and%20display%20gametext.%0A-%20%23define%20to%20change%20the%20value%20of%20Money%20Pickups.%0A%0A%23%23%20%5B0.1.3a%5D%20-%202018-03-02%0A%23%23%23%20Fix%0A-%20Fixed%20major%20bugs.%0A-%20Fixed%20y_ini%20problems.%0A-%20Fixed%20a%20huge%20amount%20of%20bugs.%0A-%20Code%20optimization%0A%0A%23%23%5B1.0.0%5D%20-%202018-03-02%0A%23%23%23%20Added%0A-%20Fixed%20major%20bugs.%0A-%20Removed%20y_ini%0A-%20Fixed%20a%20huge%20amount%20of%20bugs.%0A-%20Code%20optimization%0A-%20Added%20Login%2FRegister%20system%20using%20MySQL%0A-%20Added%20Salt%20%2B%20AES-256%20support%20for%20security%20matters%0A-%20MySQL%20table%20will%20be%20altered%20if%20rows%20do%20not%20exist%0A-%20Added%20round%20system%2C%20deathmatch%20like%20to%20get%20a%20real%20game%20running%0A-%20Added%20MySQL%20support%20using%20the%20newest%20plugin%20and%20include%0A-%20Added%20a%20scoreboard%20shown%20at%20the%20end%20of%20a%20game%0A-%20Gamemode%20will%20now%20restart%20automatically%20to%20change%20a%20map%20after%20a%20team%20has%20won%0A-%20First%20stable%20gamemode%2C%20has%20been%20tested%20for%20a%20while%20right%20now.%20Please%20report%20any%20bugs%0A-%20Added%2060%20seconds%20countdown%20when%20there%20is%20a%20sufficient%20amount%20of%20players.%0A-%20Players%20are%20invincible%20during%20the%20countdown%20phase.%0A-%20Started%20the%20use%20of%20arrays%20to%20declare%20various%20team%20states.” message=”” highlight=”” provider=”manual”/]



Hereby i want to publish my latest work and project Last Bed Standing – Bedwars, based on SA-MP’s Grand Larceny

Reasons why..


Fast ein i7 3770k für 20€, alt gegen neu, Westmere CPU aus 2008 eine Chance gegen aktuelle?

So, nun nach etwa 1 1/2 Jahren nach der Veröffentlichung dieses Artikels, welcher auf positive Resonanz stoss, [Review] Hat der uralt Sockel 1366 eine Chance gegen Skylake? Westmere als CPU Geheimtipp.. über den älteren Sockel 1366 bzw. Sockel B, folgt nun aus gegebenen Anlass dieser hier, da inzwischen die CPU Leistung von Generation zu Generation zu stagnieren scheint.
Kommen wir jedoch zum Hauptthema:

Kann eine Plattform aus dem Jahre 2008, für insgesamt 100 Euro mit einer aktuellen Platform noch mithalten? Der Selbstversuch.. ein weit unterschätzter Titan